Web identity - Grow up your business throw search engines and get new clients
Web identity - Grow up your business throw search engines and get new clients

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Web identity - Grow up your business throw search engines and get new clients

Do you control your brand image on search engines like Google or on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn?

SEO professionals know the elements to highlight or the techniques to use to make your website stand out from the crowd. It's called SEO, and it's much more complex than you think!

If the design and maintenance of a web site are paramount, we must not stop there. It is important for you to be present where your customers will be. To do this, a whole series of tools and best practices are to be put in place: Google Analytics, Google My Business, Facebook Pixels, Open Graph, etc. These words may not mean anything to you, yet these programs interact with you every day, as soon as you surf the internet. For you, we will configure these products to serve your interests.


Our expertise

First of all, it will be a question of checking whether your web platform fulfills the necessary bases in terms of structure and semantics, metadata, structured data transmitted to search engines. Then, it will be necessary to analyze the behavior of users on your site, the research that led them to you and to take targeted actions.

This adaptability must be constant, otherwise the hard-earned reputation of your pages (ranking in English) will fade away.

For very competitive environments, the launch of a Google Adwords advertising campaign is possible. But once again, it is better to call on a professional so as not to lose money without a return on investment.


Website design

If this is your wish, we can design your website. As for all our web projects and as for our own web site, it will respect the standards of the SEO world allowing to promote its natural referencing with the search engines. Our solutions are reliable and guaranteed against all breakdowns for all our customers.

In addition to that, we will take care of the work so that the visual is beautiful, elegant and up to date, both on computer and on tablet or smartphone.

According to your needs, you can modify the content yourself or let us take care of it. We can also equip your website with several applications that will increase your visibility or your turnover, build customer loyalty or lighten your daily work. IT can do many things, the key is to be properly advised. Our experts have experience in process optimization and will be able to guide you and propose the solution that will suit you.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The correct referencing of a website is almost elevated to the rank of art. Indeed, the algorithms of search engines that explore the web and classify sites according to their fame are voluntarily mysterious.

Nevertheless, a certain number of precepts favour the good ranking of a site. 

By improving your current site or by recreating one for you, we will try to boost your performance. This work is done on the long term and adapts to the reality of the moment. To follow this reality, we will collect the statistics of use of your site thanks to Google Analytics. We will thus know which pages are the most visited, if some of them generate errors, which searches have led visitors to your site, etc.