Cyber Risk & Security - Protect your business against IT threats
Cyber Risk & Security - Protect your business against IT threats

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Cyber Risk & Security - Protect your business against IT threats

Would you climb with ropes of uncertain quality? In the event of an accident, like the firemen on a fire, we will not be able to do anything to go back, only extinguish the fire and understand the causes, so that it won't happen again.

Computer security is everyone's business. An incident related to poor computer security can ruin you or your reputation in no time. While a cyber security audit and sound advice is available to everyone.

The difficulty for cyber security professionals is to make the managers of companies, SMEs or self-employed people aware that we are all exposed. The majority of people who call on a cyber security expert do so after an attack, when it should have been done before.


Our expertise

By carrying out an IT security audit of your facilities, processes and/or teams, we will help you identify the weakest, or even critical, elements.

The points of attention can be very varied, whether it is the hardware or technologies used, fixed or mobile, the configuration of machines, network points, data storage, authentication methods, application versions, data transition processes or human factors. The elements that constitute or interact with your IT infrastructure are numerous and can all generate risk.

Zero risk does not exist, but together with you, we will identify the most essential elements and how to secure them.

This applies to you, whether you are a business with a single computer or a company with a complex network.


Penetration tests

In areas where IT security is even more essential, audits can be accompanied by penetration tests. This consists, for us, in taking the hacker's hat off and simulating an attack on your installations or applications in order to highlight its weaknesses. This is called Ethical Hacking.